The Western Keys

The Western Keys community continues to benefit directly from the inherent synergistic relationship with Westmoorings Gardens Ltd (WGL).

Our three cul de sacs were paved in June due to the tireless efforts of the WGL Manager, Robert Date. You may not be aware but that alone has yielded significant savings to the Western Keys given that the cost to maintain these three cul de sacs is the sole financial responsibility of the Western Keys. The Managers commitment to upgrading and beautifying our community at large and in this case has saved the Western Keys excess of $500k.

The Manager also surveyed the concrete covers over the box drain network running along Windsurf Road East and replaced all the damaged and broken concrete covers, making our area safer for all pedestrians who traverse along the path.

The glass and plastic recycling location just North-East of the Western keys constantly suffers the effects of irresponsible persons who continue to despoil that location. Garbage and unwanted household items are dumped there at will, as well as glass bottles for recycling are also dumped at the side of the designated bin instead of placing the bottles into the bin and the WGL maintenance employee is constantly clearing this area.

The Western Keys Limited Newsletter: December 2014

The intention of this Newsletter is to re-acquaint you, as townhouse owners, with the management of your neighbourhood and your obligations in accordance with the conditions of your Owner Sub-Lease. Click here

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