Admiral Court

On September 30th, Admiral Court held their AGM. The outgoing board consisted of David Khal, Chandru Chatlani and Christian Uhre. The newly elected board consisting of Lenore Dorsett, Roger Flook, David Khal, Chandru Chatlani, Steven Aqui and Christian Uhre will meet in the near future to elect a Chairman, Secretary and to firm up the direction going forward. Several issues were discussed including updating the residents listing and payment of outstanding balances. The atmosphere at the meeting was very positive and the attendees all seem keen to get involved at some level.

1 thought on “Admiral Court

  1. Marc Sorzano (owner #3 Starboard Drive townhouse)

    Good morning, I would like to suggest to the board that priority be given to the needed repairs of the drainage on Stasboard Drive/Helm Drive.
    The issue is that the water does not properly flow to the end of the street, causing a backup of sludge and stagnant water in front of the properties.

    Thank you for your support.


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