WGL 2024 Budget

We are pleased to present the 2024 Budget. We note that historic data, trends and inflation were taken into consideration when we forecast the expenses.

We remind you that these are preliminary, and homeowners are cautioned to remember that:

  • The Management Company – Westmoorings Gardens Limited is a “Non-profit” organisation and will neither incur a loss nor a profit on its annual operations.
  • Any surplus or deficit made by the company will be for the homeowners in accordance with the Company’s bye-laws, i.e. refunded to or invoiced the homeowners.

We assure you that the Management Company operates with the highest standard of transparency and integrity by its Shareholders, Auditors and Board of Directors. We continue to be available to address request/queries from shareholders of Westmoorings Garden Limited in accordance with the Company’s policies and the Company’s Act of 1995.

Click here for the projected expenses and explanations.

Windsurf Park Tennis Court Membership Renewal

Happy New Year and all the best for 2024.

Please note that your 2024 Tennis Court Membership Fee is now due. We remind you of the fees as follows:

  • Residents                                 $450.00
  • Non-Residents                        $750.00

As is customary there will be a grace period for renewals up to January 15th, 2024 after which the locks will be changed.