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Schooner Court Financial Statements by Year

December 2016
Schooner Court Limited Newsletter

Dear Home Owner
Our last newsletter dated April, 2016 provided an account of Schooner Court Limited’s  (SCL) administrative and financial activities. Statements identifying the individual indebtedness to SCL up to the end of 2014 were issued to each property owner. Thank you to those who have paid up. However there are still a number of owners who have yet to settle their account and we urge you to do so. read more

April 2016
Schooner Court Limited Newsletter

Dear Home Owner
It’s been a long time since our last communication and we hope that all is well with you and family. The main intention of this Newsletter is to advise you of the following: 1) the administrative activities of Schooner Court Limited (SCL) during the past 16 months, 2) the issue of updated invoices for maintenance fees to each home owner, and 3) request for volunteers for the election of a new Board of Directors as well as assistance for other activities, geared to the enhancement of the SCL neighbourhood.
First of all, the umbrella company, Westmoorings Gardens Limited (WGL) has been very effective in encouraging service companies to bring their accounting and corporate responsibilities up to date as well as undertaking tasks to uplift the neighbourhood and maintain the common areas in Westmoorings by the Sea, the most tangible and recent example being the construction of the home office in Windsurf Park which was undertaken by the Diego Martin Regional Corporation at their cost. WGL also constructed a concrete slab adjacent to the home office with the hope of erecting an open sided, covered pavilion when funds become available. Regular bi -monthly meetings are held with participation from representatives from the service companies. read more

Schooner Court Limited Review:  2014-2015

The present Directors are:

  • Lloyd de Suze
  • Richard Gordon
  • Jacqueline Tang Yuk

Activities completed by Schooner Court Limited (SCL) during 2014/2015:

  1. Issue of invoices for service charges and lease rent to
  2. Collection of fees. Many owners have been un- responsive.
  3. Regular maintenance of the common green area between Caspian Cove North and Caspian Cove South.
  4. Annual Company returns  have been  registered  up to  May,  2015
  5. Audited accounts for years 2006 to 2014 were prepared by our appointed accountant, R.S Barbola &Co.
  6. Statements of Arrears 20006 to 2014 for each owner were prepared by our appointed accountant.
  7. Settlement of services charges to Westmoorings Gardens Limited up to 2014.
  8. Settlement of consultant fees to our accountant.
  9. Establishment of an electronic database of property owners of SCL and an email address. Information   is disseminated to home owners via

Tasks to be undertaken before end of 2015:

  1. Issue of updated invoices to each owner and undertake a collection drive.
  2. Settlement of service charges (2015) to Westmoorings  Gardens  Limited
  3. Convene an informal  meeting with  owners to provide an update of the present  workings of SCL and seek volunteers for a new  board of directors  and  a working committee
  4. Hold an Annual General Meeting / elect a new  board of  directors
  5. Establish a budget for 2016

The management of Schooner Court Limited has been operating with virtually no assistance from volunteer town house owners throughout the past few years. The main focus of the present management during the two past years was to regularize the financial records of SCL.

The current management is appealing to owners to volunteer for service as a director or to assist in other areas.


Schooner Court Newsletter – October 2014

The intention of this Newsletter is to re-acquaint you, as a townhouse owner, with the management of your neighbourhood and your obligations in accordance with the conditions of your Owner Sub Lease. Read more…

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