Tips to Improve Home Security

Re-Key Exterior Door Locks

Re-keying the exterior locks of a new home is one of the most important things new homeowners must do. For one, you have no idea how many people have the keys to your home. Babysitters, contractors, and neighbors of the previous owners likely have keys to your new house. Over the course of several years, the keys have likely been copied and passed out to at least a dozen people. Having your locks re-keyed is an easy way to ensure that none of these people can use their keys to enter your new home.

Assess The Condition and Security of Your Doors

Check the security of the doors. Are they made of solid materials? Did the installer use screws that are long enough to reach the framing timbers? Do your exterior doors all have deadbolts with at least a 1″ throw into the door jam? Is the deadbolt a quality one or was it a cheap hardware store special? Quality deadbolts have features their cheaper cousins do not. You can also consider adding a keypad deadbolt for extra convenience. Locks are an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to home security. Now is the time to make sure your locks are maximized for safety and convenience — not after you’ve had a break-in.

Make Smart Landscaping and Exterior Fencing Choices

Certain landscaping and yard features can make a home an attractive target for a burglar. High shrubbery beneath windows, for example, provides potential intruders a convenient place to hide while they scope out your home. Exterior bushes should be trimmed well below window height. Also consider planting thorn-bearing plants in your garden.

Install a Monitored Home Security System

A monitored home security system helps watch over your belongings and, more importantly, you and your family. The system can be armed when you’re away to call the security company if a burglary is attempted. The system can also be armed when your home to alert you if anyone tries to enter your home unexpectedly. Your home will immediately feel safer and become less vulnerable to a break-in.

Furthermore, you can add security above and beyond burglary sensors. Adding monitored fire detection can alert you immediately to fire and carbon monoxide emergencies. More importantly, it can save your life in the event of a carbon monoxide or fire emergency.

Use Smart Lighting to Keep Burglars at Bay

Burglars often cite a well-lit porch or yard as a deterrent to snooping around a house. Likewise, interior lights that make the home look occupied can make your house a less attractive target for a potential thief. As we mentioned before, a fully visible house is much harder to break into without detection. As well as smart landscaping, lighting is a big part of that equation.

When used in conjunction with smart home interactive features, smart lighting becomes both easier and more powerful. With these features, you can set a timer for your lights so they come on before it gets dark or right before you get home. You can also control your lights in real time, which allows you to save electricity. If, for example, you left some lights on because it was dark when you left the house, you can turn them off once it becomes light outside.

Use Cameras to Keep an Eye on Your Home

Cameras add yet another layer of both security and peace of mind for new homeowners. They also prove invaluable in helping to capture thieves and vandals. Better yet, they can help you catch potential thieves who are scoping out your home before they do any damage. You can watch your cameras live at any time to ensure the house is safe. Furthermore, a professionally installed camera system also utilizes a recorder that captures video 24/7 and allows you to review any events that you missed.

Of course, the presence of cameras alone also deters theft. Unsurprisingly, one of the prevention tips given by a burglar from the study linked above was to “Get a camera and make it visible!”