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*Statements of Certification of Maintenance Operations of WGL (w.r.t. Clause 5, A & B of the deed of Sublease between WGL and others)

Please contact accounts@westmooringsbythesea.com on all matters concerning the Financial Statements, Lease Rent and Maintenance Fees.

6 thoughts on “WGL

  1. admin Post author

    Hi Francisca, I have forwarded your questions to the manager, Jennifer Fuller , and to the Commodore Court representative Stephen Encinas (stephen.encinas@gmail.com).

  2. admin Post author

    Hi Carol,
    Charles Yuille, is the WGL director that represents Bendbow Drive, Mariner Drive and Capstan Drive.

    A lot owner is defined as the owner of a single house property as compared to a townhouse owner. Townhouses fall under separate service companies, such as Coral Court, Schooner Court, etc.
    Each service company has a representative on the WGL Board.

    With respect to the Land and Building Tax exercise. This exercise is to help WGL define what lots of land are privately owned, owned by the services companies and what areas fall under WGL as “common areas”, for example the various parks and road reserves. This is not directly related to the Government’s plan to reintroduce LBT.
    The information should be delivered to the manger at the office located at Windsurf Park.

    Please feel free to call me if you have any questions.

    Charles Yuille


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