Airhorn Usage

Steps to follow when using the Air Horn in a live environment:

  1. Person(s) in distress or person(s) observing a security issue should sound their air horn. Air horn can be while in your home or outside. If you are inside place the air horn outside a window/door and activate it.
  2. Press the air horn to give “three” medium length bursts.
  3. Other person(s) hearing the air horn should also sound their air horn causing a chain reaction letting the intruder know that we are aware of a situation whether they see the security issue or not.
  4. Immediately after activating your air horn, if it is possible,
    • Call the police and our your private security company (e.g. Essentia)
    • Send off a voice note/msg on Moor Alerts What’s App group chat, with as much detail as possible.
  5. The person(s) observing the security issue should also alert the residents on the Moor Alerts What’s App group chat if they have any more relevant information.
  6. Other things that can be done, e.g. set off car alarms, house alarms, personal alarms, etc. and if at night turn on all your exterior lighting.
  7. Check Moor Alerts What’s App group chat for information.

Things to Note:

  1. Air horn must be within close reach in the event of an emergency.
  2. Air horns are not a toys, keep away from children.