WGL 2020 AGM – Notice







Dated 28th September 2020
Windsurf Park, Windsurf Road East, Westmoorings by the Sea
Phone: 868-468-7574, Email: manager@westmooringsbythesea.com    


Charles Yuille
Charles Thavenot
Sharon Khan
Cathy Maxwell
Admiral Court – Christian Uhre
Commodore Court – Stephen Encinas
Coral Court – Stacy Charles
Crossbay Court – Edward Salvatori
Dolphin Court – Neisha Camacho
Porto Villas – Gregory Aboud
Schooner Court – Lloyd De Suze
Stratford Court – Darrell Xavier
The Western Keys – Hameed Ali


LIMITED will be held via our website, www.westmooringsbythesea.com due to the current pandemic, Covid-19. The timeline for the meeting is listed below.


  1. Confirmation of Minutes, Annual General Meeting held on 26th September 2019. The minutes are online at Click Here , Owners are required review minutes and confirm meeting via our website under “leave a reply”.
  2. Chairman’s report Click Here. Owners are required review report and leave their questions/feedback on our website under “leave a reply” for our response.
  3. Adoption of the Auditors Report for the year ending 31st December 2019. The Auditors Report is online at Click Here. Owners are to review the report and leave their confirmation on our website under “leave a reply”.
  4. Re-appoint of Auditors. The Board of Westmoorings Gardens Limited propose re-appointing R.S. Baboolal & Co as our Auditors for 2020. Owners to confirm via Click Here under “leave a reply”.
  5. Any other business. Owners can leave any other feedback/questions Click Here under “leave a reply” for the board’s response.

Timeline for the AGM process:

05 Oct 2020

Chairman’s Report on our Website
Open online Residents’ Feedback/Questions Session

23 Oct 2020

Close online Residents’ Feedback/Questions Session

26 to 30 Oct 2020

Collate feedback/questions and prepare responses

02 Nov 2020

Post Westmoorings Gardens Limited responses to the Residents’ Feedback/Questions Session.
Close off AGM

Charles Thavenot – Secretary  

Signed PDF of Notice Click here