WGL 2020 AGM – Q&A


Would like to suggest though that more priority be given to the repairs/improvements of drainage. For example, in Starboard Drive, the water does not properly flow to the end of the street, causing the backup of sludge and stagnant water all along the properties.

    •  Noted, this falls under the Regional Corporation’s responsibility. We have been liaising with then since 2016 without any success. We continue to follow up with them.

Integrated approach to Service Companies

Would it be possible to take an integrated approach in consultation with service companies, to road repair and electric kiosks maintenance within areas of the service companies? Some areas require critical maintenance.

    • At the board level of WGL we are always looking for synergies that can benefit the entire community. Common issues are brought to the relevant authorities for resolution/restoration. We advise that there are unique peculiarities in the service companies from lot owners. Also, the service companies are fully autonomous and are responsible for managing their development.
    • Electric Kiosks are unique to service companies. As such these kiosks are a direct responsibility for the relevant service companies

Can the initiative to better signage be extended to other service companies?

    • Signage conducted this year was an initiative of the relevant service companies. Service companies are responsible for signage in their development. WGL is always willing to assist the service companies in sourcing service providers.

Could appropriate signage be included for marking visitor parking areas and trash areas?

    • This appears to be a unique issue within the townhouses/duplexes as there are no designated parking and trash areas for the lot owners. We suggest this matter be raised with the relevant service company.

There is opportunity to create appropriate fencing or receptacles for community trash sites both for green cuttings and household trash. Could residents behave responsibly to household trash sites?

    • Creating community trash sites/receptacles may result in persons outside of the neighbourhood using these sites as a dump. Also, residents may not adhere to the guidelines issued by the Regional Corporation for disposal of household garbage/bush cuttings. This will result in health issues for the community as well as an increase in cost to maintain/clean the area. We note that the Regional Corporation presently provides curb site pick up at no cost.

There is opportunity to take a common approach to the cabling of the telecommunication companies. Some ground rules to their overhead installation are necessary.

    • This appears to be an unique issue within the townhouses/duplexes and we suggest the matter be raised with the relevant service company.

Property encroachments

What is WGL ‘s plan for community education and action on property encroachments?

    • WGL position is clear on property encroachments. Encroachment will be handled to the full extent of the law. We are currently seeking legal advice,


What is the Bayshore initiative?

    • The initiative by the Bayshore Association is to gate their neighbourhood at East Sunset Drive, in so doing to stop the rat run. The thinking is that if Bayshore Association gets full approval then it would be easier for WGL to get approval to gate our neighbourhood by the roundabout. If they do not get full approval it would suggest that the relevant authority views that road and by extension our roundabout as an access road for vehicular traffic.

Now that the topographical survey has been completed in January 2020 what’s our next step in October moving forward?

    • Since then we met with the Traffic and Transportation Engineer who advised that the key to our success in gating the neighbourhood is to pursue getting approval from the Ministry of Works and Transport for Bayshore Association to gate East Sunset Drive. We note, with the pandemic most government offices and businesses have been operating with reduced resources/hours which may hinder our efforts.

Solar Lights

As WGL seeks to increase lighting, this should not be an ad hoc utilitarian purchase. Lighting has consequence for disruptions for adjacent households and for overall ambience. Is WGL seeking help from a landscape designer in selection of the solar lights?

    • We advise that based on previous request from the homeowners for additional lightening in the park for security reasons, we have installed 2 solar lights. Also, we are very mindful of the effects of the lights on the houses adjacent to the park and the lights are positioned with that in mind.

Tree Cutting

Would it be possible to access certified arborists?

(Trees have a long life and should be cut appropriately for their structure, health and
beauty. This is a vital skill that unfortunately is not common. Trees of the community are an investment. In the long term, in property value the skilled services are worth the expenditure.)

    • WGL presently uses a tree surgeon for tree cuttings/pruning exercises. We note though, that we are only responsible for the trees in the Windsurf Park and Seaside Park. The other areas are the responsibility of the Homeowners/Service Companies.

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