WGL 2020 AGM – Confirmation of Minutes 26th September 2019

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Minutes of Westmooring Gardens Limited, Annual General Meeting

Date of Meeting:       26th Sept 2019

Attendance:               64 Persons of which 12 Directors were present.

Directors: C. Yuille-Chairman, C. Thavenot-Secretary, S. Khan-Lot Owner, C. Maxwell-Lot Owner, C. Uhre-Admiral Court (late), K. Pitman- Commodore Court, S. Charles– Coral Court, E. Salvatori – Crossbay Court, N. Camacho-Dolphin Court, L. De Suze-Schooner Court, D. Xavier-Stratford Court and R. Camps-The Western Keys

Absent: 1 Persons – G. Aboud-Porto Villas

Location:                    Windsurf Park, Windsurf Road East, Westmoorings by-the-Sea

Meeting started 5.32 p.m.

  1. Welcome and Introduction – Mr. Yuille welcomed and thanked everyone for attending. The head table then introduced themselves to the audience.
  2. Apologies for absence – apologies were extended for C. Uhre – Admiral Court who would be late and G. Aboud-Porto Villas who is out of the country.
  3. Confirmation of Minutes, Annual General Meeting held on 8th September 2018: Mr. Yuille briefly reviewed the last AGM minutes and then asked the audience if they had any changes to same. With no changes noted it was then confirmed by Francisca Fournillier – Commodore Court and seconded by Robert Date – Lot owner.
  4. Matters arising from the minutes – No Matters was raised
  5. Chairman’s Report: Yuille delivered the report (see attached).
  6. Adoption of the Auditors Report for the year ending 31st December 2018 – Mr. Yuille opened the floor for questions regarding our financial report for 2018. With no question/concerns raised, he moved motion to adopt the report which Cathy Maxwell confirmed.
  7. Re-appoint of Auditors – Mr. Yuille advised that the board recommends the re-appointment of R. S. Baboolal and Company as the Auditors for WGL. He asked the audience if they have any issues to our recommendation, with no objection from the floor, and Robert Date’s confirmation, R. S. Baboolal and Company was re-appointed for 2019.
  8. Discussion on security – Mr. Yuille advised that what we have done thus far to try and secure the neighbourhood is to install cameras at the Roundabout, Wasa/Recycling area, Buccaneer/Benbow Drive and the office. The cameras in the office also captures the Gazebo and part of the children’s playpark. We would like to extend our camera coverage in the neighbourhood however, it would require individuals to give us access to their electricity. He encouraged residents to give us the access and or to install cameras in their homes. Mr. Yuille noted that if residents included a camera or two on their home system to cover the road in front of them, we would definitely extend the camera coverage of our neighbourhood.
    • Mr. Yuille gave an update into the gating of our neighbourhood in conjunction with our neighbours, Bayshore, Regents Gardens, Regents Park, Regents Point and Regents Towers. He noted that we have been waiting on Bayshore Association to get their approval to commission the gate by Regents Drive West. While they have gotten the approval, from the Diego Martin Regional Corporation (DMRC) it is still not what they wanted, however it is a start to gating the areas from the River to the Yacht Club. The gate is now being closed at 8.00 p.m. and reopened at 6.00 a.m. We are now going to leverage on Bayshore’s approval. We have started conversations with a Traffic Engineer who is held in high regard by the DMRC and the Ministry of Works and Transport. The Engineer has requested a Topographic Survey be conducted at the roundabout before he can prepare his plan. His cost is to do a plan alone is within the vicinity of $70K to $80K, the benefits to the residents from the River to the Yacht Club outweighs the cost. When we engage the Traffic Engineer services we must have 100% buy in from our residents and the Committees of the various Communities. He noted that all the Committees have expressed an interest in gating the area. Mr. Yuille stated that the actual implementation might  cost well over a million dollars, we are not sure how much the Ministry of Works and Transport will pay for but it is still affordable if all the residents buy into it “where there’s is a will there’s is a way”.  He advised the audience that many persons from our neighbourhood and the other communities has been asking him when and how we are going to gate the area. He said its easily achievable once we get the approval and the residents are willing to pay the money. Mr. Yuille reiterated that Westmoorings Gardens Limited will not be absorbing the entire cost as the roundabout is used by the other neighbourhoods. He then asked the audience to show their hand if they will support gating the roundabout, the response was favourable.
    • The floor was opened to take questions on this matter.
      • S. Henderson – Dolphin Court, asked what the survey is supposed to prove or not prove? Mr. Yuille advised the survey will be used to guide the Engineer with the design and reconfiguration of the area to facility the gates, roads and security booth, etc. Also, to make sure the redesign would not negatively impact the traffic flow.
    • B. Ferreira – Western Keys, asked we could consider using the empty piece of land by WASA as an access point to our neighbourhood. Mr. Yuille advised that this would be consisted by the Engineer.
    • S. Henderson – Dolphin Court, asked if gating the neighbourhood is for traffic flow as he thought it was security. Mr. Yuille noted that it is for security however we have to take the traffic flow into consideration to ensure gating does not cause more traffic into the neighbourhood.
    • J. Gomes – Dolphin Court, stated that gating the neighbourhood would incur additional cost to the residents. She asked how we will enforce all residents to pay this additional cost instead of the few that pays their fees. Mr. Yuille advised that once we agreed to gating the neighbourhood that all residents will be required to pay as it is covered by the deed of sublease.
    • S. Henderson – Dolphin Court, asked if Westmoorings Gardens Limited is happy with the performance of the securities companies we have around. Mr. Yuille noted the only security company that we employed is Essentia, which we did one month ago for the sole purpose of patrolling the parks, so far, they have been doing a good job.
  9. Any other business.
    1. M. Isava – lot owner, asked what we are doing about the squatters in the park. Mr. Yuille stated that he believed that Mr. Isava is speaking about the residents that have encroached their gardens onto the park. The matter was discussed several times at the board level, a decision was made that we will not destroy the area as its less for us to manage and the property remains ours. Also, this encroachment took place when we didn’t have an active board and all new ones have been dealt with since then.
    2. Norine Bazie – Schooner Court, gave an example of residents’ encroachment that took place in Schooner Court (40) years ago where visitors’ parking was taken by residents for their own personal use. At that time, she wasn’t aware of the structure and who to take complaints so, hence nothing was done. Mr. Yuille confirmed that the townhouses have its own board and encourages persons to get involved on the board and their neighbourhood so they can stop this kind of things.
    3. N. Patihk – Admiral Curt, she supposed and reiterated Mr. Yuille position of residents getting involved on their community. She encouraged the residents to go back to the old days, get to know their neighbours and talk about issues affecting the neighbourhood and find solutions.
    4. D. Rojas – Lot Owners, noted that persons are using her personal garbage receptacle as a communal dumpster and she wanted it known that is for her personal use only.
    5. S. Omardeen – Lot Owner, noted that the sewer scent coming from the Wasa Station is unbearable and wanted to know if there is anything, we are doing about it. Mr. Yuille advised that the Manager made reports to Wasa and is following up on this matter.
    6. Lot Owner – Buccaneer Drive, he is a new resident and wanted to know if we signed the consent to assign the residual balance of the term of the lease. He wanted to know this in the event he wanted to sell his property who he will have to go to get this consent. He was advised that the Commissioner of State Land is the authority that is responsible for granting the consent. The new resident disagrees with this and stated that the Commissioner of State Land was only part of the process. He went on to say Caribbean Housing and Westmoorings Gardens Limited was also part of the process and he wanted to know what he will have to do if he wanted to sell his house. Mr. Yuille advised that what we, Westmoorings Gardens Limited will provide is a certificate of clearance stating that all fees are paid, and Caribbean Housing or Westmoorings Limited do not get involved any more. The new resident advised that that is not what the lease says and someone needs to check, he went on to say that the lease states Caribbean Housing is the parent company. Mr. Yuille advised that Caribbean Housing is no longer the parent company and that the lease he is referring to is old. He suggested to the new resident to bring the lease in question for us to review and provide him with a proper answer. Mr. Outar – lot owner who worked with the developers for our neighbourhood provided an explanation to the audience and the new residents confirming what Mr. Yuille said.

With no other comments/questions from the floor, Mr. Yuille thanked everyone for their attendance and support. He noted that this was one of the better attended meeting and the decision to change the day to a weekday afternoon seem to have worked. He hoped to see everyone being active in our community and assisting in any where they can,

The meeting ended at 6.53 p.m.

Download the PDF version of the minutes here

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