Giant African Snail

Please click here to see a flyer we got from the Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries regarding the Giant African Snail for your information.

The Agricultural Officer asked us to share the following key points with our residents which are imperative if we are to eradicate/stop the spread of the Giant African Snails:

  • The Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries is not providing bait at this time to the public due to financial constraints. However, they are on an educational drive to get the public to treat with snails in their homes/land.
  • Giant African Snails must be burned even if its dead. Dead snails release their eggs which hatch and produce more snails.
  • Do not dispose of live/dead snails in the garbage or water courses to avoid spreading to other areas in the country.
  • Everyone must adopt a plan to treat with snails in their homes/land as failure to so will retard your neighbours/community effort.

We fully appreciate that the Giant African Sails are a nuisance and a constant battle to get rid of. We however, implore everyone to do their part and be your neighbour’s keeper as we work to get our neighbourhood snail free.

Do NOT KILL local snails, they are harmless!

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